Our team is filled with a passion for sports and we hope we can do our part creating a better world by stimulating our customers to use natural and environment-enhancing cleaning products. A more hygienic world for sports, athletes and the planet:  a healthier lifestyle for everyone. TEST


RHINOC Sport was born out of love for the planet, sports and out of respect for athletes. We are proud to collaborate with numerous leading brands and companies that are close to sport federations and athletes who all share our passion for sports and the planet.

It’s my dream to work together with amazing people, like athletes, who share our passion for sports. We aim to create awareness that sustainability is a necessity for mankind & our environment.  We love sports as it’s good for the mind and body. Together with athletes, as important role models, we can create impact and make the world a better place… We hope that many people will follow our dream. One day I would also love to contribute to talented athletes or kids that have distance to sports due to a lack of means.


Sustainability is key. Every day I try to make the ‘right’ choice for me and my family. We  teach our children to re-use, re-furbish and to re-think. Can I re-use my drawing paper again? Do I really need a new toy?  Do we really need to take the car or can I take the bike? Where does our food come from? A long road on the way to a more sustainable future. Much to learn and do better every day. I like to work for EEQO and its brands we are only at the beginning of a rising future towards a more sustainable life. Dynamic, young with a strong ideology.


Awareness has become the key element in the journey to change our footprint on this planet. But change needs to happen across the entire spectrum in our lifestyles.
RHINOC Sport takes position in a market where most would not think about. Creating healthy, environmentally friendly cleaning products that make a great difference in our impact on this planet. Our products help to reduce the resistance of viruses and bacteria, lower the chemical pollution, add value to our way of living and the well-being of our planet. In the end, awareness without action is worthless.


At RHINOC Sport, we strongly believe that we can create a better, healthier and cleaner world. We want to raise awareness that it is possible to clean environmentally friendly which is in the end crucial for creating a healthier eco system and environment. Although it’s only a small change, it contributes to creating a healthier ecosystem and environment in an important way. That is why we sell maintenance and cleaning products that are mostly biodegradable. Where possible our products even contain 100% natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. With our revolutionary probiotic range we can even state that they are environmentally beneficial. At EEQO, our mother holding, we are continuously searching for the best natural cleaning solutions, recipes and packaging. Together with our microbiologist, suppliers and customers we are trying to make a difference because we are all committed with our environment and the future of our children. We strive to improve ourselves and our company every day because we believe that there is still a world to win.