Probiotics are “good” living micro-organisms which have a positive effect to health. Mostly, these are used in different foods. The largest part of probiotic foods are milk products such as yoghurt and yoghurt drinks. Apart from these, probiotics are also used in medicines.

We accumulate probiotics to our RHINOC Sport PRO BIO series, so that your sports environment is not only clean, but also create a healthy microflora. Probiotic bacteria crowd out pathogenic bacteria and continue working up to 3-5 days after application.

Pathogens are harmful (“bad”) bacteria that cause illness in people and animals as well as birds and fish. Other harmful bacteria cause odours, spoil food and a number of other unpleasant things as most of us know.

A biofilm is a thin film of mucus, in which populations of microorganisms are organized. The black grout in the shower or mucus in water pipes and pumps are a well-known example of a biofilm. Unfortunately, biofilm has often negative impact on humans and animals. He creates a visual pollution, is a source of bad smell and also a haven for many pathogens.

No, RHINOC Sport ProBio products have no direct biocidal effect on other bacteria; as such they do not promote the building up of resistance among pathogenic bacteria.

Yes. All our ProBio products are safe, environmentally friendly and harmless. No protective clothing is required and contact with bare skin will have no negative effects. If in eyes, please rinse with water. More detailed information is available on the safety sheets for every product.


Due to the presence of probiotic microorganisms in our products it’s recommended to store the products between 10°C tot 30°C (50 ° – 89 ° F). Avoid direct sunlight and temperatures below 5°C as well as temperatures above 50°C. These could influence the efficiency of the probiotics.

Yes, all of our products have a shelf life of around 18 to 24 months. You can find the expiration date on all of our All Purpose Cleaners (RFU, 1L. & 5L.). Our RHINOC Sport Products have the SPF-seal: a very stable probiotic product with a shelf-life of at least 2 years. This is indicated by the SPF-symbol.

In the field of sports, RHINOC Sport ProBio products are ideal for the cleaning of floors, punching bags, walls, equipment & accessories, cabins and yoga/sports mats. But also, for the maintenance and cleaning van sports textiles and accessories.
But the usage does not stop here. Everywhere, where hygiene is of great importance the products can be applied. Hospitals & healthcare facilities (f.e. nursing homes, etc…) sports facilities (gyms, clubs, etc.), residential & commercial facilities (restaurants, accommodations, schools, offices/workplaces, homes,..), agriculture & livestock. Our products are absolutely safe and improve the hygiene for humans and animals.

The probiotics in the Anti Odour – Sports Gear Fresh are a mixture of good bacteria which very effectively combat sweat. Unpleasant odours and moisture in shoes, helmets, gloves etc. are neutralized through the multiplication of good bacteria. The anti Odour Sports Gear Fresh is therefore a very effective (sweat) & odour remover. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of mold and infections.

The RHINOC Sport All Purpose cleaner can be used for all water-resistant surfaces. The Anti Odour Sports Gear Fresh is suitable for maintenance and refreshment of materials which are not easily washable. It penetrates deep by a fine atomization in the fibres of materials that cannot be washed like ski boots, box and ski gloves, skates, helmets, sports bags, etc. The RHINOC Sport Laundry Detergent is suitable for all washable sport textiles.

This dependents on the type and way how it’s applied:
dilution in the atomizer: dilution 40ml (approx. 4 cap full) per 500 ml spray bottle.
1. Dilute the product with warm water in a spray bottle.
2. Economical spray the to be cleaned surfaces
3. Clean/wipe with an absorbent cloth, E.g. Micro Fiber cloth.

The 1L. concentrate is enough for approx. 25 applications with a 500 ml spray bottle.

Dilute in the bucket: dilution in a 10L bucket: 100 ml for normal pollution / 300ml for extreme pollution.
1. Fill a bucket with warm water.
2. Add the product.
3. Clean the materials as usual. For smaller surfaces with a cloth, for larger surfaces with floor /-spray wiper.
The 1L. Concentrate is enough for approx. 3-10 bucket fillings (10L.).

IMPORTANT note: diluted product usually ships within 3 days. Rests can be disposed through the drain.

Depending on the way of cleaning and the degree of soiling, you can clean about 10 m² with 1 litre of the diluted concentrate. The 1 litre concentrate is therefore enough, depending on the pollution degree, for approx. 300-1000 m².

The 5 litre concentrate is suitable for the cleaning of approx. 1,500 –  5000 m².
The All Purpose Cleaner is not only suitable for the cleaning of mats, but also for the complete cleaning of sporting venues. Walls, corridors, dressing rooms, mats and equipment & accessories become, thanks to the enrichment of probiotics, deeply cleaned. We recommend a complete cleaning with RHINOC Sport, for a natural, stable and clean environment.

Often extra information about the product and its quality is required in public institutions. We have all safety data sheets you need available. For more information, please contact us at hello@rhinocsport.com.

In 2015, there was a change in the law regarding the organic/ecologic claim. Although many of our products are organic, we believe that our products exceed the term organic. That is why we use the terms sustainable and natural. Sustainable and natural stress that we develop our products so that our products are safe and even environmental beneficial for our planet. Naturally all our ProBIo products are biodegradable and even environmentally beneficial!

Yes, surfaces that were cleaned with RHINOC Sport products, are safe for children. Our products contain no hazardous and toxic ingredients, leaving no harmful fumes or residue. All of our products are safe, environmentally friendly and harmless. When working with RHINOC Sport, no protective clothing is required. The contact with the skin is safe; should get one of our products in your eyes, rinse them well with water. And to be just sure: The cleaners may not get into the hands of children.

Although all of our ProBIO products have a natural base, natural ingredients can cause certain reactions. Therefore, by law we are required to label our products with safety information.

In many cases, we mention all ingredients on our packaging. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to the available space on the labels. Are you curious about all components of a product? Contact us. We love to send you the safety data sheets (MSDS). hello@rhinocsport.com

NO. Although the products don’t contain hazardous elements, they are not meant or suited to in digest. In case one of our products is in-digested, immediately drink milk or water and immediately call a doctor.

No, the micro-organisms aren’t resistant to other micro-organisms, but only against chemicals that threaten them. If you clean with probiotics, there are no off-killing chemicals – hence no resistance. The probiotic products retain their effectiveness therefore over many years.

This is called sustainability.

RHINOC Sport ProBio products can be used around humans and animals without any risk. Our products contain natural elements; they are without toxic ingredients. However, product residues should be removed from the skin or pelt with water. In case our products are being digested let this person drink water or milk to dilute the product. Call the doctor or veterinarian immediately.

No, not more than clean with normal detergents. The funds are also used as well as other means, at least twice per week for optimal effect.

All RHINOC Sport ProBio products contain natural ingredients. Generally, our products are safe for people with allergies. However, in case you are sensitive for chemicals we advise to first use small amounts of the products before you use it in large amounts.

For private cleaning we do not recommend to disinfect your sports gear. However, the choice of disinfecting is to our customers. We have placed a Covid19 statement on our website where we explain more on cleaning and disinfection. If you want to, or are in need to disinfect, we recommend to clean your gear and apparel first with our RHINOC Sport ProBio range and disinfect afterwards.



RHINOC Sport ProBio and AllNatural products contain natural ingredients. The RHINOC Sport Visor Cleaner is a lens cleaner which is commonly used by opticians. All ingredients are AllNatural. Made from plant extracts and essential oils.

Yes. The RHINOC Sport visor cleaner fluid is organic and ecological. That is why we use the terms sustainable and AllNatural. Naturally all our products are biodegradable and made out of naturals ingredients and essential oils.

Our RHINOC Sport visor cleaner contains a small amount of bio-ethanol made from grains. Bio-ethanol is obtained by fermentation from sugar or starchy plants. Bio-ethanol is seen as an environmentally friendly solution and a perfect alternative to the use of fossil fuels.

Yes, the safety sheets can be requested by email via hello@rhinocsport.com

Yes, all of our products can be kept at least 2 years after purchase. Since the products are AllNatural it is in rare occasions possible that due to its ingredients a little residu can exist in the bottle. If so, the visor cleaner is still safe to use.

The products are produced in Europe, The Netherlands. Depending on scale the unique basis ingredient can be shipped to another country and local production can be done.

Avoid temperatures below -5°C (23°F) and above 60°C (140°F).